Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday afternoon

I am going to garden today - the garden is a little wild, but looks amazing. All the planting I did 4 years ago before my 60th birthday party, has suddenly exploded, the roses are rambling everywhere, there is clematis climbing through everything, and the peonies are absolutely huge and flopping everywhere. It looks absolutely divine. There are foxgloves and love in the mist, and masses of hardy geraniums - I just love it.

A real, romantic, slightly overblown, English garden. This house and garden give me so much pleasure, it almost hurts, and I just cannot bear the thought of losing it. I tell myself that Violet had a wonderful life here, and that is some consolation.

Yesterday I took the dogs for a long walk, slightly varying the usual route so as not to get too upset and Billy chased a rabbit and almost caught it - stopped by a metal five bar gate that he couldn't get through! I thought, 'Oh, if that had been Vi she would have caught it before the gate.'

But - it is the first time he has properly chased one, so he is following in his darling mummy's footsteps. And, do you know something? I realised that even if Vi had lived, she would have had a very poor quality of life. She would have never have been able to go for lovely long walks, or chase rabbits, or foxes. I did the right thing, however much it hurts.

Let's hope that life picks up from now on - I am going to get the B & B up and running as quickly as possible. Shane is coming this week to spend a day mending catches, moving garden furniture and helping me get the loggia dining area up and running, and his electrician friend is coming to sort out all the broken patio lights, light switches, security lights, socket outlets, etc. so things are moving. I just need to take a deep breath and try to move on.

The birdsong is still amazing - it is a requiem for Violet.


Tania Kindersley said...

I am a tremendous fan of your daughter - she was one of the first people to welcome me to the world of blogging and has been a staunch and true support ever since I started. And now I am great fan of yours too. I LOVE your blog. It is touching and eloquent and I smile as I read it.

I too love my garden, although it is nothing to yours, and adore my two sleek black lab/collie crosses. I was terribly upset to hear about Violet; she was so dear and beautiful and I know how dogs can touch your heart almost more keenly than anything else. I am so sorry for your loss.

Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere. You will find it is filled with enchanting people. I love my loyal readers, and, touch wood, have only had one cross voice in the three months I have been doing it.

everybodysaysdont said...

Beautiful garden! I don't have a garden at the moment but I live very near Regents Park so that's become my garden. Your blog is superb and I admire your honesty and courage and I hope and trust and think you will find this blog gives you strength. All the Very best wishes to you.

mothership said...

I also found you through your daughter's blog and have been lucky enough find you, her, and other lovely new friends and writers through that medium. I think you will find the writing a huge solace, a great marker of the steps you take in your new life and you will also find lots of like-minded souls in this journey through the blogosphere.
I also send deepest sympathy and condolences re. Violet. So agonising to lose an old friend and companion.

Christina Lindsay said...
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Christina Lindsay said...

It is so very sad when you lose an animal that is one of the family. I'm sure Violet had a fantastic life in your absolutely beautiful garden xx

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