Saturday, February 13, 2010

Green shoots of Spring?

The end of hibernation? Perhaps - I have certainly been living underground and disconnected from the real world.

It is some weeks since I last put 'pen to paper' - but here I am tentatively reaching out and trying to pick up the threads and making a new start in 2010.

I had a busy and fulfilling run up to Christmas 2009 - I was blessed to hsve the senior daughter home from New York, and the house felt loved and lived in once more. This is a family home, that comes alive when it is full, and there is laughter and fun and the rough and tumble of everyday life.

The weather was quite appalling, unseasonally cold, snowy and icy and life was difficult. We were snowed in before Christmas, it cleared, and then with the arrival of the three days of Christmas festivities, the icy conditions meant we were marooned, unable to get the car up the lane. Luckily guests who had come before Christmas just managed to get away, and then the family who were meant to go away from home for Christmas elsewhere were unable to travel! What a jumble - but it was fun - everyone pitched in and we shared Christmas Day with friends also trapped in the villsge, and it was a very jolly time. The best laid plans of mice and men, etc.

Afterwards, down to earth with a bump just after New Year. More snowfalls and I was marooned in the village again. I lost my sense of humour and became really depressed. Only so many dog walks, old films on television, and searches through the fridge turning up unappetising leftovers, can be tolerated, and the 'black dog of depression' silently envelopes one.


Dash said...

Aurora, so good to have you back, I am glad you had a good Christmas, surrounded by family and friends. God, it's been a dreadful winter. Here in South West France it's been the coldest winter since I have been here, and as I type it's minus 1 outside and our pipes have frozen, no hot water!
Keep strong and don't let the 'black dog day's' drag you down.

Chic Mama said...

A belated Happy New Year, I'm sure many have missed you. I've popped 'in' a few times hoping to see a post. We were snowed in for quite a while's seemed a long winter hasn't it. I hope that spring, surely we are nearly there, will make you feel brighter.
Take care of yourself. xx

liz said...

glad to read you again, only yesterday I checked to see if u were back, make sure you chase the black dog days away, don't let them linger

take care


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

shayma said...

Oh my! You are back, welcome back to the blogosphere. We would also love to see you on twitter. Here's wishing you a lovely 2010, may this decade be a wonderful one for you, full, of love, real love, happiness and discovery and excitement. all in a good way, of course. x shayma

Diney said...

Hope when the sun shines and the daffodils are out you will shine with them x

Aurora said...

@Dash I hope the weather is improving! The Black Dog is receding. A x

@Chic Mama Happy New year to you too. See - I've cracked replying to you. A x

@Liz Thank you for your good wishes A X

@Anonymous Thank you A x

@ Shayma I am glad to be back. I so appreciate everyone's good wishes A x

@ Diney I will shine with the dafffodils Ax

I have replied to everyone on this post because i am so touched by all your good wishes Hasta la Vista!

Anonymous said...

I too have checked periodically to see how you were. Welcome back.
I'm a hoarder as well and find it impossible to get rid of things, I seem to remember more things I regret disposing of than otherwise. I'm working hard to remind myself that there is really a lot more stuff I've got rid of so painlessly that I don't even remember it. There's an amusing article in this week's Guardian by Michelle Hanson on the subject. I find an ice cold gin and tonic sometimes helps. Best wishes

Make Do Style said...

Oh fab you are back posting - I didn't realise. Sorry just catching up!