Friday, March 5, 2010

Time for a treat

I overslept this morning - I awoke at 7.30 - late for me - and lay listening to the birdsong, and looking at the sun peering under the blind at the wondow. Yesterday I made up the bed with crisp, clean sheets, and as I lay there with an arm round each dog, it smelt of heaven.

When I got up and drew up the blind, it was another lovely clear, bright morning, the frost twinkling on the grass, the sky a very pale blue, no clouds, and a faint yellow haze on the horizon. England is a glorious country, so many contrasts in the weather, and such a joy on a morning like today.

It is very peaceful, the only sound the birdsong and the dogs munching their breakfast.

My mood for the day ahead was a little uncertain when I came downstairs, but I then opened up my laptop, and saw the most wonderful messages that had been left on my 'blog' overnight. I have tears in my eyes, because they were the most kind and delightful comments to find, and thank you, you have already set the tone for my day.

I actually have a treat today. I was given a voucher for a facial as a Christmas present so - in two hours I am off to enjoy! I am a nightmare beauty client, because I usually fall asleep the moment I lie down on the couch, and settle under the blanket. And then - oh mortification, I begin to snore!


Dash said...

I hope you enjoy your facial, you deserve a treat. So what if you fall asleep and snore, I am sure the therapist wont mind. You can tell her it is a testament to her soothing hands! I am really pleased to hear that Maud is on the mend.

Giulia said...

Dear Aurora--

I hope by the time you see your comments, you've had a lovely time. Everyone falls asleep in these circumstances (so a friend, who is a facialist tells me). Have a great weekend.



jazzandjewels said...

Oh but that sounds like the most perfect client - utterly relaxed -

Pamper heaven for you dear one - i should love to write you a soundtrack for your tranquil moments -


Anonymous said...


Welsh Girl said...

I'd think the therapist would be flattered by your being so relaxed....

When I walked the loyal hound this morning I couldn't help but think the same thing - we live in a wonderful country that constantly surprises me with pockets of unexpected beauty.

Hannah said...

I've lived abroad for the past few years, and I've never regretted my decision to leave England. That said, I never fail to get a real yearning for life in the English countryside when I read your blog! You're one of two writers that make me feel like that; the other is your daughter, when she’s back in the UK as well.

Also, I'd just like to say that I find it hard to believe that anyone who has such an appreciation of the best things in the life, because the simplest things are the best, will end up unhappy. You’re certainly going through some trials at the moment, but you have a few sources of strength and pleasure that I hope sustain you. And I hope that you count the support of all your readers as one of those sources, because it’s very genuine!

Please keep writing. x

PS Enjoy the facial and your sleep. As someone who has snoozed off during root canal, I can sympathise!

Patty said...

What a nice way to wake up, hope you have fun at your beauty treatment!

Jonathan said...

Be warned this comment will be entirely unexciting, but very complimentary nonetheless. So, I just adore your blog. I cannot say that I can relate to your life in many ways; I'm male for one, and twenty one years old, and not much of a family person sadly. But I share with you an enormous appreciation for the English countryside, and lovely canine companions, and I went to Rugby School which I know you mentioned in a recent post. In short, I appreciate your writing very much. Indeed, you're a fantastic writer, and I hope you continue in the future. All the best, Jonathan

Kate said...

Enjoy your facial, and yes, as everyone so far has said, please don't worry about snoring! Having worked as a therapist for some years I can honestly say that having someone fall asleep during a treatment is one of the best compliments. Allow yourself to relax. p.s. Everyone snores! x

Dash said...

Aurora, when you have a mo, could you pop over to mine, I have something for you.

Blah Blah Becky said...

I found your blog a while ago through your daughter's and after seeing the photos she posted last Sunday I felt the need to say this: Obviously all of your loyal followers like myself already think he must have been mad to do what he did to a lady as nice as yourself, but you were absolutely beautiful too (as I'm sure you still are!).

Sophia Mnemosyne said...

I just finished reading some of your posts, you may not realize it - but you are a very strong woman! By removing yourself from such a selfish man - you are on the road to reclaiming your life ... and now you are able to create - who you will be - and also a new life. I invite you to visit my blog at - I too encountered a detour in life and am rebuilding. I look forward to reading your future posts. Take Care - enjoy yourself at the spa - you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

Hi - discovered your blog tonight and have enjoyed whilst being terribly moved through reading it. So I hope you don't mind me stopping by to say hello! You're obviously a survivor and just wanted to wish you all the very best on your journey ahead.

I think it was Yazz (sorry, not Handel) who said 'the only way is up baby!'

The world is full of exciting adventures, wonderous opportunities, simple pleasures and delicious foods, wine and cultures! I just know you're going to have such fun indulging yourself in them all.

I hope your facial was good! All the very best - and stay happy - Houdini x

jazzandjewels said...

Dear one -
I so enjoy your blog and whilst you are having a rest from posting i hope that you're keeping in good spirits -

Spring is coming dear one - and with it i hope that your heart gets stronger ... and is warmed by the coming sunshine -


Cindy said...

Aren't facial's glorius? Treat yourself more often and you will continue to have lovely times!

HaydEn said...

I commented on a post of yours recently and chose to publish as anonymous. Afterwards, I came back to check your blog and saw that the comments people had left had lifted you. Inspired I started my own blog. I hope you are well and your spirit is still strong. You have inspired one person here to try something new and challenge themselves.
Thank you.