Friday, July 23, 2010

A day in the life of .....

Posetta Baddog - the Baddog is staying here in the country for a couple of weeks to give the Junior Daughter a bit of a break.

The Baddog's day goes something like this:

"I wake up to birdsong, all cosily curled up with Maud and Billy on the lovely fleece my country mummy lays on her bed specially for the three of us. I yawn, stretch, and eye my companions, amd give country mummy a little butterfly lick to say "Good Morning" and to make sure she knows we are all awake and it is time to go out for a wee.

When we are then turfed off the bed, the three of us dogs fly downstairs, and out into the garden, running off across the lawn, disturbing the sheep, who start calling for their breakfast. Sometimes there are a pair of green woodpeckers on the lawn, who fly off making funny noises, a bit like one of my squeaky toys, to the willow trees in the paddock. I would like to catch up with them as they dip and swoop away, but my legs are too short.

When we return to the kitchen, we eat our breakfast and then I curl up in a lovely big sheepskin bed and have a nap.

An hour or so later, the big sheepskin bed is put out on the terrace for us dogs, and if the sun is shining, it is heaven to just lie there soaking up the warmth. There are lots of toys scattered around, and if I am lucky, some of these will be thrown for me to chase.

Early afternoon is the time when the three of us go on our lovely walk. We are taken across the lane, over the ford, and into a huge field. The farmer has thoughtfully made a wonderful cart track all along one side, which makes it so much easier for my short little legs to cope - I don't have to hop over the long grass, which is very exhausting for me.

Billy charges off, jumping up at the butterflies, racing up and down the track, flying to and fro, it makes Maud and I tired just watching him.  We are much more sedate, and take life quietly, but I do love to snuffle through the grass, sometimes finding something small and furry to chase, although I never catch anything. Country mummy says my tail looks like a periscope waving through the grass, and that is how she finds me if I seem to have disappeared.

My life here is paradise, especially when the sun is warm on my back, and I do feel very happy. I do miss London mummy though, and sometimes I have a faraway look in my eyes when I dream of being back in her arms, she does love me so.

When we return home, it is time for a very long nap, because exercise is very tiring for a dog like me, with such short stumpy legs. I have my supper at about 6 o'clock, and if I am lucky, it might be home-cooked chicken dinner. It is possible I will quarrel with Billy and Maud over the food, but one can't be on one's best behaviour all the time.

Then - time for a slumber again - I find regular naps very restorative, the country air is very soporific. Apparently, I snore very, very loudly indeed. Who cares, I can't hear myself."


Giulia said...

Really darling, Aurora. Try to have a peaceful weekend; I know things are tough. I read your last post & worried about you.

cheers from Washington, DC

carolinefo said...


I've just read your blog all the way through from the very beginning, and enjoyed it immensely.

Congratulations on just keeping going, and managing to enjoy life's small pleasures, in the face of the devastation that has been inflicted on your life in the last few years by the 'sewer rat' (how I loved that particular epithet!)

I was so hoping that by the time I got to your most recent posts, things would have improved for you, materially, psychologically and physically, and that the sewer rat's floozy would have got her comeuppance. There's still plenty of time, though.

And although things are very hard now, and everything looks dark, it seems to me as a newcomer to your story that you HAVE reclaimed your life in so many ways.

Not least by writing this blog, which is such an intoxicating mixture of beautifully insulting verbal vengeance, wonderful dogs, and utterly FABULOUS food.

LLG is a very lucky girl to have at least one parent she can be completely proud of.

IsabelleAnne said...

A charming, lovely post. Lucky Posetta! Wonderful that you are able to enjoy the beauty of this particular day. Sending thoughts for the best possible outcome for you.

Lauren said...

So cute. I love your journey and this dog story. :)