Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arome de Reynard

After finishing my post "Pastures New", I decided to settle down on the sofa in the family room to watch my secret vice, Casualty. I know, I know, but I secretly love it.

I poured myself a large glass of chilled rose, I felt I deserved it, called the dogs in from the garden where they had been for some time, and we sank into the cushions to relax for a while.

Ten minutes into the programme, Maud was curled up beside me, Billy draped around my shoulders, his head hanging down under my chin - I became aware of a pungent and all-pervading smell. Sniff, sniff, what could it be? I idly put my hand up round Bill's head to massage the soft velvety fur round his neck, it felt a little stiff, Oh my God, he had been rolling in fox shit!

I eyeballed him - he looked shifty and very embarrassed indeed, hopped off the sofa and fled.

How very self aware.


Herschelian said...

I am presently living in Beijing and my beloved Border Terrier and Cairn are with the aged parents in Fife. Your post made me laugh so much, and then made me very homesick as there is NOTHING my dogs like better than rolling in fox pooh. As far as the Cairn is concerned it beats Chanel No 5 into a cocked hat in the fragrance department; I used to have to wrestle her into a shower to wash it off - usually after she had snuck up onto her blanket at the foot of my bed and then inched her way north to end up practically on the pillow next to me before I discovered it! God, I miss my dogs but your blog provides me with lots of wonderful doggy moments - thank you!

Herschelian said...

My Cairn and Border Terriers (presently living with the APs in Fife as I am living in Beijing) think that fox pooh is the sine qua non of fragrances...who needs Chanel No 5 when you can have Arome de Reynard!! I usually discover it when the Cairn jumps on to her blanket at the bottom of our bed and then wiggles her way north til she is practically on my pillow!
Your post made me laugh so much, and then I felt SO homesick - lordy, lordy, I do miss my dogs!