Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My love for Maud and Billy


My dogs - ah yes, the dogs.

It is absolutely a given that dogs are man's best friend. The reason that I have survived the last two and a half years has been because of their unconditional love, the sheer joy of their companionship and constancy.

They have adapted to every situation seamlessly, lovingly and supportively, the one constant in my struggle for survival.

When my ex-husband was still at home, Maud was a strange little dog - very loving to me and liked to go everywhere with me, but she spent a lot of the time under a chest of drawers in our bedroom. Now - she is so loving and gentle, she is even more my shadow, always with me as is Billy, if I sit down they both hop up beside me, if I leave the room they follow me, sometimes I weep from the sheer misery of my situation and they lick away my tears, they intuit when it is bedtime and run upstairs, waiting for me at the top, as I set the burglar alarm. Every waking minute, there they are beside me.

When Violet was killed, both dogs were amazing. Dear Bill saw it happen, and he truly grieved, but he was so loving to me in my misery. Miss Maud behaved like the matriarch of the family, as indeed she is, and took Bill under her wing, snuggling up to him, licking him, and loving him. It was quite extraordinary, when I brought dear Violet home to be buried in the field, I put the box on a trestle in the barn overnight. Dear Maud trotted outside, Billy following, and they sat down beside the trestle for some time, as if they were paying their last respects.

I have been truly blessed with these dogs. We are a triumvirate, facing the world, and my love for them gives me a pain in my heart, it is so great.

I am looking at them now, snuggled up together in their huge sheepy bed, curled up side by side, both looking at me, their eyes following me, wondering I think, when I am going to take them out for their walk.

Maud is getting very old, she has just had her fifteenth birthday, she is going blind, has lumps and bumps which will have to be left well-alone, and in my heart, I know that this loyal little dog is nearing the end of her life.

Billy is a strong young dog, just coming into his prime, beautiful soft brown eyes, fur like grey silk. Full of bounce, loving life.

How I love these two dogs, I feel privileged to have them beside me.


Cindy Ellison said...

You are truly blessed to have sweet Maud and Billy. I know they are such comfort and company for you.

You are such a talented writer and you have a great blog ♥

Michelle Trusttum said...

Where would we be without our dogs? Absolutely a privilege.

My dear old German Short Haired Pointer, Henry, died at 17 years 4 months. It was all the more miraculous because he was diagnosed with malformed vertebrae at C3-C6 - his neck. It affected his coordination and he would often bash his feet/legs. He was irrepressible though and ran, in his ungainly fashion, everywhere. he still wanted a walk on his last day.

I am hoping your Maud will live equally long. If love has anything to do with it, and I believe it does, I think she will.

Miss Whistle said...

First I read Tania's post about her dog, and then yours. Yes, we are so fortunate to live in a world where such excellent creatures are our friends, and I hesitate to say it, but I'm not sure that a life without them would be much of a life at all. I am so glad that they bring you so much love and companionship.

Miss W xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so very pleased you're writing again, and so eloquently. We are truly blessed to have such devoted canine friends

Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing, as always.

My little Maltese helped me get through my divorce too. In a way, he's living proof that I survived.