Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Almost back to normal

Glory me, at last. After days of struggling with my laptop, one day it worked, then it expired, then all was well again - finally, a kind and thoughtful friend took me to PC World,and explained the nature of my problems, and hey, a result!

An unbelievably polite and helpful young woman called Rachel took us under her wing, and in no time at all my sick laptop was whisked away - my Product Support Agreement, no less, was found to be in order, and the infuriating machine will either be repaired, or be replaced. The downside? 28 days! The upside? It will cost me nothing other than the monthly payments for the insurance. Cheap at the price.

I did have to spend money - I bought a tiny Netbook which was on sale, so I do have "wheels" for the next 28 days, and in future, I will have a back up in emergencies. Halleluia.

Thank heavens for friends - I can honestly say that the past two and a half years that I have spent on my own,though not exactly a bowl of cherries, has been a revelation. There are some very kind people out there, and I have never lacked help or support. Indeed, life has actually run far more smoothly than at any time during my long marriage. What a treat to ask someone for help,and for it to be freely given, instead of having to wait an age for my requests to be even acknowledged yet alone for any kind of help to be forthcoming.

It is now very late, and I am off to bed with a quiet sense of satisfaction that at long last my computer problems are sorted. As I lie waiting for sleep to descend on me, I shall quietly muse on what to write about in my first forays back into the blog world.


Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Aurora,
I "stumbled" upon your blog this morning, but I really don't believe in chance occurrences, only in divine appointments.

So, after reading 20 to 30 of your posts the past hour and a half, due courtesy dictates that I let you know I was here at your blog place and have been reading up about your life.

Your blog was like a book that I could not put down. You write very beautifully, Aurora.

I am very happy to have discovered your blog. It has been added to my blog roll, and I am also your latest follower.

Happy 65th birthday last August. Another birthday will be here before too long.

By the way, did you know that your name Aurora means "the rising light of the morning" or "the dawn of a new day"? Such a hope-filled name! I agree with what you wrote in one of your posts, "What would we do without hope?"


Anonymous said...

After being treated so shabbily, it's sometimes hard to believe that people can be so kind and generous. As you continue to emerge from the "abyss," you'll see that it's true.

Glad to hear your computer problems have been sorted out.

perthdailyphoto said...

Hi Aurora,like Lidia I really love the way you write and express yourself. I have been following your blog for the last year now, and so admire the way you have coped with all that you have had to deal with. I must say your style reminds me very much of two of my favorite writers, Rosamunde Pilcher and Joanna Trollope, the way you describe the English country life one can imagine it so clearly,very different from conditions out here in Australia. Anyway I am glad you are up and running again and look forward to future posts.

Helena Halme said...

Thank goodness for the notebook - and the insurance! What an earth did we do before computers?

Take care,

Helena xx

Deborah said...

I have waited and waited to see another post since last year and check your blog regularly. I was so happy to discover a new post, but not happy that you are still having problems with that beastly creature known as your former husband. Now it has been weeks again. I do hope you will feel the love from your blog family and once again start tapping on the keys to keep us updated on your new cottage and the beauty you are going to regale upon it as you move further and further from that ugly past. I am sorry you had to give up the house your daughters grew up in. It happened to me once and I have never completely gotten over it, but there is joy and beauty yet in life so I hope you keep bashing on until it is a regular part of your life, too. Many positive thoughts to you-Deborah