Monday, July 6, 2009

Rite of Passage

I did it - I went to the party on Saturday night.

What a performance beforehand - I flung armfuls of clothes all over my dressing room - what was I going to wear? How pathetic for a village drinks party, who was going to notice? Subliminally I expect that I hoped everyone would notice.

Eventually I trotted through the village, in my black linen top and tight white trousers, freshly washed hair, rictus grin on face. Into the garden I sidled - and with a deep breath launched myself at the first group I saw. That seemed to work - I was on my way. I threw back my head, laughed too loudly, smiled sweetly, observing my fellow guests clandestinely through my Oliver Peoples, and realised that I was at last cracking the code. Gradually people came up to me, and I was so pleased, as these were people whose company I had missed, and I began to actually enjoy myself. Another hurdle overcome. Well done, Aurora.


everybodysaysdont said...

Well done indeed! :-)

Clare said...

Well done you! It's such a step in the right direction.
(Now we see where LLG gets her literary talents from)