Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time out

I have dropped out since last week. Suddenly life seemed dull and not very full of joy.

To cheer myself up I went down to London to see the youngest daughter and Posetta Baddog. I took Maud and Billy with me, because there was noone to let them out for walkies whilst I was away. I NEVER leave my dogs for more then 2 or 3 hours at a time.

The Baddog was hysterially pleased to see me and weed all over the pavement, and then the dog posse leapt out of the car. Oh my God, if looks could kill! No welcome for the country cousins. A bit of a cheek, as the Baddog frequently holidays dans la campagne - very one sided! Maud just growled under her breathe, and poor Billy just quivered. I instantly felt better - nothing like a bit of bad dog sulking to amuse one.

Junior daughter dog sat for me whilst I whipped into Town, to hit Selfridges as they opened at midday. Some delicious Sisley unguents, a white linen wrap shirt half price in the Jaeger sale, and some customised Havaianas, brown bases with brown thongs - boring but just what the doctor ordered, and one and a half hours later I was back in the bosom of the dog sisterhood. Rather like a supermarket trolley sweep, I satisfied the soul.

Daughter and I then high-tailed it to Lemonia in Primrose Hill, for a quite scrummy Greek summer lunch. The restaurant was full to bursting, with a very jolly Sunday kunch time atmosphere. We wolfed down taramasalata with piles of hot pitta and then shared a plate of chargrilled mixed seafood, and a plate of chargrilled mixed kebabs, greek sausage, and little lamb chops - all washed down with chilled rose, followed by a little cup of medium sweet Greek coffee with Turkish Delight. Divine. It made me realise that I do miss City life, but conversely I could only ever live in the countryside. Perverse.

Life is never simple - but Monday was not the dire day I anticipated. I felt sad - but had a Damascene Conversion - I suddenly realised that life never remains the same and I must stop kidding myself that I had a good marriage. My marriage was a nightmare - and I deserve better. A result? As I have written before, I have two wonderful girls and that, in itself, is a great joy.

This week, I will master Twitter and Blog replies. Wish me luck! I am now going to take the dogs for a quick walk, and then I am going out to dinner . Tomorrow I am going to a concert, Friday a wedding, and on Saturday to an opera in the garden of New College, Oxford, followed by a picnic in the cloisters. You see, I have a social life after all. What am I complaining about?


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Your lunch sounds delicious! and nothing like a wander round Selfridges to make you feel better. No doubt this weekend will be full of joy for you, you have so much on! enjoy!

Chic Mama said...

Your daughter LLG directed me to your blog. I too live in the country and can't imagine living anywhere else although am hankering for City life now I'm on my own (well without adult company anyway)
Lemonia sounds delicious & I may one day just have to 'pop' to Primrose Hill to visit it.