Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Help, indeed. Having got so far, I am now on a plateau! I have mastered a laptop, been inveigled into posting my blog - all well and good, but I am struggling with the next two stages, replying to all the kind and generous people who have posted comments, and dealing with Twitter, to which I have been unwittingly signed up by the crafty senior daughter. So - all you kind people out there in cyberspace, I will eventually show my appreciation when the brain unfuzzes, and grinds into first gear. It is the most wonderful feeling to know that you are out there, and seemingly interested in the ramblings of a semi-geriatric sixty-something woman.

Today is another wonderful day - the English countryside is something to behold when the weather is as it is at the moment. I live in the depths of the Northamptonshire countryside, and even though only 20 minutes each way from both the M1 and the M40, we could be light years away. It is peaceful, and so restorative. When I pulled up the blind in my bedroom this morning, I heard the familiar sound of the green woodpecker. There he was on the lawn, stabbing away at the grass sorting out his breakfast. Behind him, the heron was balancing on the rails of the little bridge over the stream in the paddock, and my sheep were looking up at me, having heard movement, as if to say 'Good Morning' I am embarrassed by my sheep, 8 years they have lived with me, Vita, Violet, and Virginia, originally destined for the pot, they have lived happily here, reaching a great age for sheep. I bred them, and then could not bear to eat them.

I still miss dear, gentle Violet, her presence is everywhere. Billy has suddenly grown up and is now barking for the first time. He is so proud of himself - and it is such a lovely deep masculine bark, I am proud of him too.

I do have much to be grateful for and every day I am further down the road to my new life.


everybodysaysdont said...

You are doing brilliantly! Mastering a laptop is a great achievement! PS I haven't got my head around twitter!

I live in Mallorca mainly but spend time in central London too - If you are ever in London and want to meet for a drinky let me know... email - I think the internet is amazing for bringing people together. I've made a couple of very good friends though blogging.
As I'm not anywhere full time it's hard to settle and make friends so for me the internet has been super! I've only had positive experiences. I'm SO glad it's giving you comfort. All the Best!

Babycakes said...

Your blog was lovely to read. Have gone all the way through to the end. I only wish I had a mug of freshly ground coffee to hand too.