Friday, August 14, 2009

An eventful week

Friday - and so much has happened it is difficult to put one's thoughts in order.

I's funeral was held on Wednesday. It was also my 64th birthday - symbolic, because I shall always remember him with love each 12 August.

The junior daughter and I set off down the M1 in the pouring rain and drew into Sandy station just as the senior daughter came onto the forecourt. It was so wonderful to see her, she had flown over from New York especially to say goodbye to our dear friend I. So - twice in one week I had flown down a motorway to meet a daughter at a train station.

We had special seats reserved for us in the Church, such a thoughtful gesture from R to think of us at a time like this. I had chosen to be buried in a woodland burial ground, so he was in a wonderful woven willow coffin, with ivy entwined around it, and a single red rose on top. It was so in keeping with I's character, and the whole service was a celebration of his life. One of the readings was entitled a Meditation by the late Cardinal Basil Hume. It was beautiful - I was not a Roman Catholic but it was so fitting. We walked out to Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary.

Afterwards, there was a delicious tea at R and I's home - little canapes, tiny sandwiches, yummy little cakes, I's favourites, he had a very sweet tooth. And - as a send off - champagne and a toast to I from us all. He had left strict instructions that this was to happen.

For me, personally, it was yet another trip down memory lane. So many faces from the past, most of the people R had shared houses with, after I had married. It was so lovely to see them all, and I loved introducing the senior and junior daughters to them all. A very poignant time - and I was so glad that the two daughters were there with me and I was very proud of them.

So - a chapter closes and we are all left with our memories.

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Chic Mama said...

It sounds as though it was a beautiful service....yes what a week for you all. Take care.