Saturday, August 15, 2009

Returning to normality

This afternoon, I drove into Banbury with the daughters, so that the senior one could catch the train down to London, to spend her last few days in the UK with her friends. She returns to New York on Tuesday, and tomorrow I drive the junior daughter and Posetta Baddog down to London, and life will slowly return to normality again.

One week - and so much has happened. Two weeks ago, I was not expecting to see S until Christmas. Now - she has been and has gone. A whirlwind and a joy - it is always good to have both daughters at home together. Often I ponder on the fact that neither daughter is married, and then I realise that I am lucky - I would have less of their time if they were married. They so enjoy spending time together, and I love having the house full, and I love to moan about the mess, the disruption, and chaos, and know that I would not want it otherwise. To me, life is all about family, and I know that tomorrow night when I return from London, the house will be quiet, and I shall feel bereft.

When I stir on Monday morning, I will then appreciate the peace, and set to clearing up the mess, returning everything to its proper place, and letting my life return to a more measured pace. One is never entirely satisfied at any one time with the status quo.

I have had a week like the curate's egg, good in parts, but it has been filled with sadness and joy and has never been dull or boring.

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