Sunday, April 18, 2010

The comfort of strangers

I have not felt moved to put pen to paper for a while, but a phrase has been tumbling around my mind, the comfort of strangers.

Whilst the support of kind friends has been wonderful, the comfort of strangers is an amazing thing. Unconditional, unjudgemental, and so welcome and enhancing.

Maybe that is what one needs, the interest and support of people who are not at all involved in the maelstrom of the break-up of a long, long relationship turned sour and bitter.

So - I will slowly unfurl and return to writing - because once the words begin to flow again, it is so therapeutic.

The senior daughter has returned to the US, and suddenly, the house is quiet, and tidy, and somehow, lifeless.


Emma said...

I am really pleased your back, I read through all your posts, your an amazing writer..x

High Heeled Life said...

I think its that new people in your life ... meet you as you are now; they have nothing to compare you to - be it you as a couple or you as the person one was before that unexpected "detour" in life(as in my case. see my blog for more so they accept you for the person you are now. Its hard to go through any "detour" and remain th esame person.

Some people will no longer be in your life ... But that just makes room for new people.

I know first hand each day is an unknown ... but don't give up ( I say this as much for you as for myself). I'm only a couple of months into this blogging world - and what I have found no matter what - everyone is very encouraging and supportive.

Writing has also helped me.. keep putting pen to paper or fingers to key board... have a great day!

Giulia said...

Welcome back, Aurora.