Monday, April 19, 2010

Life is a) a beach or b) a bitch? What you will.

I have just read the responses to my last two posts. You lovely people, I draw such strength from you - isn't life fascinating? We do not know each, yet we make comments from which people can draw strength - and I do realise that many people have shit in their lives. One is not unique in one's misery.

Well, folks, a couple of glasses of Julienas have slipped down well - life is gaining a roseate glow, and hey, you bloggers are so right, my name is Aurora, and a new dawn is breaking.

I know that I really am lucky that I can begin to contemplate a new life. I have been so blessed with so many good things, wonderful experiences, good friends and daughters that I adore. So, old girl, just get on with it.

Today I got a phone call from a very old friend, whose husband, back in the mists of time, used to be a boyfriend of mine. I was so pleased to hear from her, because in the 21 months I have been on my own, I have spoken to her only once, and have not seen her husband at all. She came over to see me, and it was so good to see her. She made me feel so much better, old friends feel comfortable, and it made my day.

I suppose implicit in this ramble of mine is the point that there is much from which one can draw strength, that one's cup is always half full, not half empty, and life is either a beach or a bitch, and the choice is one's own.


Iheartfashion said...

You sound in a better frame of mind today. A visit from a good friend can really change things, can't it?

Rebecca said...

Lovely to read another post so soon after your others. Do let me know if you would like me to take some photographs of your garden & dogs as a parting gift from a 'stranger' (via studio a t

Rollergirl said...

What a lovely post. Chin up girl, tomorrow is always another day.

shayma said...

yes, move along, dear old girl- lots to love in this life- dear friends, darling daughters, gorgeous cups of wine and readers who send hugs. x shayma

Miss Whistle said...

You're completely right, of course, it's exactly the way you want to view it. A bitch or a beach. I've come to realize that you choose to be happy. You wake up in the morning and you actually push the bad thoughts out of your head and you say, "where's my cup of tea, my toast and marmalade, and gosh, what a beautiful day it is". I know it sounds completely silly but I do honestly believe it works.

Blogging works too and you're doing so beautifully. Brava!

Miss W

Kayleigh Ann said...

'life is either a beach or a bitch, and the choice is one's own'

I love the above quote, its so true. You have to make the most of everything, and its our life, our choice :)

Have a wonderful day
Kayleigh x