Friday, June 25, 2010

Mildly pissed, grumpy, and tomorrow is another day

I love you all - I simply can't personalize my replies - incompetence - but I sooo appreciate every comment, suggestion and gesture of support. In time I will get myself in order, but please accept my salaams and thanks - I also support you all, and do understand all the shit that everyone else goes through. No situation is unique to the person mired in their personal shit.

I am mildly pissed - another glorious English summer's day - another house viewing, and yet another couple who do not want to buy my lovely home. I love this house with a passion, as I have said repeatedly to the point of boring all readers of Aurora's ramblings, and cannot understand why buyers are not beating a path to my door.

This morning I stumbled out of my bed, followed by the lights of my life, tails wagging, tongues lolling, thundering down the stairs to the kitchen door, desperate to charge down the garden. I stumbled over them as I tried to unset the burglar alarm, fell over the cat, cursed, and bleary-eyed, ejected all animals out into the wide blue yonder, to be met by the baaing of the wretched sheep.

Hell, a house viewing at 10 am, and I am not so mobile that getting everything into apple pie order was going to be easy. Life seems so complicated - perhaps sorting my house out was not so important. Actually it is - if I want to find a buyer, ancient bowls of dog food, and empty wine glasses,, and unplumped cushions give out the wrong messages. I have been told to streamline - but hey, after a while just where do you hide hundreds of books, kitchen equipment, etc? Damn everyone.

Today, apparently, the prospective buyers complained that the house was dark, the wisteria cast shadows. the apple tree outside the dining room door had to go, damnthem - find another house. It was pointed out to them that it was 10 o'clock in the morning and the sun was barely up, and a little later on, the house, south facing, would be flooded with sunlight. Use your imagination and find another house to buy!

This is not the right attitude. Personally - I think one knows within seconds if a house is right - it does not require 4 visits, endless ctiticisms, and negativity oozing from every pore.

I am definitely sour tonight - a shame really, because it is a lovely evening - but I am tired - emotionally exhausted and ungrateful. It is draining to be jolly all the time, my yawns are as big as the entrance to the Channel Tunnel so maybe I should retire to my bed with my beloved canines, a mug of weak Earl Grey and a pile of books. A large gin and tonic and two large glasses of chilled rose are turning out not to be a panacea for all ills.

But - I did hsve a delicious dinner - I found some excellent Cumberland sausages in my freezer, which I grilled and they were meaty and yummy,steamed a great pile of shredded curly kale, split a large sweet potato in half, criss-crossing each piece and smearing with softened butter, and freshly ground black pepper and sea salt, and baked in the oven. Heaven. I have suddenly regained my appetite.

Tomorrow is another day - and it promises to be peerless weather-wise. Enjoy, dear readers.


High Heeled Life said...

I smiled all the way through your post.... you have a great way with words.

The "house" will know when the right person(s) comes along who will appreciate all the work and love you have given to it unconditionally - when that happens the house will call to that person(s) - and that will be your buyer.

Can you please set an extra plate .. I'm on my way... dinner sounds lovely.

Happy reading my friend! till next time...HHL

Rebecca Portsmouth said...

Dear Aurora, I know the buying process is difficult, but all you need is one buyer. The right new owners will love the home you are in and the care you have taken of it and its gardens over the years. Perhaps if it is not at its best at 10am, think about when it is and see if you can persuade the estate agent to bring potential buyers then. If you are ill, perhaps you cannot get up for a viewing until 11am?

The negative comments may simply be a bargaining tool and not necessarily a reflection of what they actually thought, anyway.

Your meal sounded lovely. Glad to see you are taking care of yourself and that you are going to be in a new home without echoes of deceit and adultery in its walls. Your village does sound like such a sweet, old fashioned place.

Trudie said...

I do so enjoy reading your blog. You made me smile today when I read that you were fed up being jolly all the time. I'm with you on that one! Sometimes, when friends ask me how I am, I feel like saying" do you want the truth or the official answer"?. The official answer is of course, "fine". The truth, well that may take a little longer! So here's to feeling grumpy, knowing that you are fully entitled to feel that way! I raise my glass to you and hope you feel better tomorrow! xx said...

Hi there, I don't blame you for being 'pissed'. I know what it's like to love your home. I say if that's how you feel, let it out, even when you are fed up, you express yourself so wonderfully.....I live in Australia, but I can't help feeling that from the way you have described your home over the last year, if I lived in UK and was looking to buy in the English countryside, your home would be exactly perfect for me.....I wish so much that you could find a way to stay there but am sure someone will come along and love it also, maybe already have..... Take care, Grace.

Red Lipstick said...

That you could "move anywhere in England" is just such an appealing statement to me! It sent me on a daydream, How I adore the countryside there! My greatest desire is to retire in England or Ireland! I'm so glad that you are recoving well, and aren't our beloved animals the most wonderful? They just know when the need to provide extra care to us!

By the way, your home seems like a dream come true! People just like to whine to try to get a good deal; its all about getting it for less than the asking price. Someone is going to walk in and fall in love, and they will pay top dollar for their dream.


My Grama's Soul said...

I just found you.....and really enjoyed reading your REAL FEELINGS POST. I have always believed that people who say things ARE GREAT, JUST GREAT.....are not to be trusted. Rarely in life is everything lined up in perfect order and you appear to be experiencing that at this time.

I know you house will sell, and I know you will know where to begin your new life. Trust your instincts.

Glad to meet you,